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About us...

'Through our investment in environmental education, we are fostering a new generation of dedicated individuals who care about & will protect the planet we all share' - Jane Goodall Institute 

Re-educating Earthlings strives to activate both children and adults empathy and intrigue of the natural world and re-connect them back to it, in the midst of a climate emergency. 

It's time to re-structure the educational system, cover the gaps the school curriculum is sadly missing and integrate the importance of conserving nature and its weird and wonderful beings across educational and corporate spaces, before its too late.

How are we achieving this?

- Keynote speaker for Wells Fargo Green Team

- Partnership with CACEIS bank 

- Proud ambassadors of Trees for the Future

- Business workshops in the planning

- AND more picture books to come!

When a child is young they desire love and safety but then, they ask you to tell them a story. But are the right ones being told? 

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