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2021 - Reflecting back and looking forward...

2021, the year that I took a deep breath and told myself, 'just go for it'.

It's this time of year, that grey area between Christmas and New Year that I become rather reflective and think of what name I'd give this 365 day long chapter of my life.

What have I learnt this year?

What do I or don't I want to take into next year?

One of the biggest thing's I've learnt this year is summed up by this saying, 'Good things take time and rejection is simply redirection'.

I'm excited for 2022. I'm channeling a positive and confident outlook onto this next year but I will also endeavour to remain present and not pressured by the rat race that is the hustle to success.

In 2021 I created Re-educating Earthlings, but why?

The last few years, we have been surrounded by the news of global climate related disasters, human-animal conflicts and subsequent humanitarian crises. Each and every one of our lives have been changed by a pandemic caused by our lack of respect for wild animals and creation of wet markets, hence the creation of Covid-19. I'd had enough. How were we meant to survive, let alone save our planet and all its inhabitants, if we didn't know what was causing its decline.

It is said that at the heart of sustainability is education. So, I got to work.

People, parents, teachers and children all seem to care about saving the environment but the school curriculum seemingly rejects taking environmental education seriously.

I began writing picture book transcripts, putting words to paper. The first transcript I wrote turned out to be our debut picture book on sale now 'Will Mr. Sloth Save the Forest', then I wrote one about pangolin wildlife trade, over fishing and oil spills in the arctic, Australian wildfires, intensive chicken farming and how beavers are regenerating ecosystems in Devon. All very important issues that are not highlighted anywhere in the educational system or children's reading materials.

I applied to multiple agents and publishers. They responded, 'We love what you're doing but we won't be accepting your application'. One publisher did accept my application but wanted thousands of pounds up front. I was torn between paying it and not knowing what would happen or doing it myself and self-publishing. Having all control and all the blame if it was to go wrong.

A lot of research, networking and hard work later, here I am. I'm now the author of Re-educating earthlings first picture book, created a colouring and fact file edition, integrated the platform in to local schools to carry on teaching in the new year, being a guest speaker on Wells Fargo's Green Team Speaker Series and establishing my first sponsorship with a company.

I guess what I'm feeling is pride, slight exhaustion, but ultimately pride and gratitude. I'm so grateful to have had the time and opportunity to create the platform that will serve as my job but mostly for all the people I have met this last year. I truly do believe that some people come in to your life for a reason, to learn from them, to receive guidance from them or for them to jolt you into action.

I realise that I'm babbling on about it now and that I haven't cured an illness or gone to the moon in the last year but big or small, we all have to celebrate our wins. It's as simple as that. We often forget to look at ourselves, even talk to ourself, and be proud of what we each achieve.

What I'm trying to say is thank you. Thank you to you reading this now, thank you to everyone thats said something positive about the platform, thank you too all of you who have bought a book, helped spread Re-educating Earthling's message and shown a great deal of support.

Time moves fast but your support isn't forgotten.

So heres to 2022, hopefully a year of enhanced social and climate justice.

We have a lot planned for the year ahead so stay tuned and follow our social accounts to keep up to date with our new book releases and collaborations!

Remember, 'No one can do everything, but, someone can do something'.

Happy New Year, Earthlings!


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1 Comment

Richard Park
Richard Park
Apr 27, 2022

Awesome!! Can not wait to read Book no.1 !! :)

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